Education Service

Human potential plus is about drawing out the best in people and using leadership management as a tool for developing connections between teacher and student. We assist teachers to learn an internal psychology that removes the adversarial relationships in the classroom which increases the quality of student work.

The workshops that you will find in this section deal specifically to developing character education that successfully implements concrete capacity building skills for teachers.

  • Connecting in the classroom.
  • Finding ways to engage.
  • Improving the quality of students work.
  • Convincing students to invest in their own future.

The conditions of external psychology create the environment for bullying to flourish. Removal of these conditions is a remedy to for a new safe caring environment.

  • Looking at the thinking of a bully.
  • Understanding the physiology of bullying.
  • Dealing with the feelings of being bullied.
  • Taking appropriate action when being bullied.

Effective teachers and students find ways to satisfy their needs without harming relationships. At HPP we draw out and address the important need of caring about how we treat each other and remove the bullying process within relationships.

HPP’s Capacity building education is helping teachers and students to create the relationships needed in order for them to feel empowered in both the teaching and the learning process.